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the Caribbean

Solis Credit partners with numerous insurance providers across the Caribbean that we work with to finance their customers' insurance premiums. Our partner list is continually growing as we work to increase access to insurance across this region.

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What our partners say...

Our company has been working with Ayanna on both a business and personal level at Bayshore Finance for the past 3 years. We needed financing for our company Group Insurances, Bayshore Finance arranged with our Insurance company, to retrieve information for preparation and approvals for financing. Approvals granted and our company didn’t have to worry about the hassle because they took care of everything.

Valued Customer

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Design lines for ​the Solis Credit Limited website
Design lines for ​the Solis Credit Limited website

Discover the Advantages of 
Partnering with Solis Credit


Quick & Easy Process

  • Agents are assigned unique login credentials to our online Agent Portal

  • Loan requests are approved within 2 minutes of submission

  • Access FAQs, customer loan balances, follow up on queries

  • Onboarding & refresher training provided on demand


Improve Your Cash Flow

  • Opportunity to increase your general insurance premium revenue

  • Provide an Insurance Premium Service at no additional cost

  • The full premium is deposited directly to your bank account after loan approval

  • Decreased receivables


Elevate Your Customers’ Experience

  • Convenience: get insurance and insurance premium financing in one place

  • No hassle: only one (1) form of ID required to sign up for Solis Credit

  • Affordable payment plans up to 11 months

Partner with Solis Credit.

Are you a registered insurance/broker company? Fill out the form below to get in touch with us and begin the process of partnering with us.

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