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  • Who or what is Solis Credit?
    Solis Credit is an Insurance Premium Financing service offered throughout the Caribbean, by the following registered companies: Bayshore Finance T&T Ltd in Trinidad & Tobago 758 Loans Ltd. in St. Lucia 473 Finance Ltd. in Grenada 767 Loans Ltd. in Dominica 246 Finance Ltd. in Barbados Bayshore Finance Jamaica Ltd. in Jamaica
  • What is Insurance Premium Financing?
    Insurance Premium Financing is the lending of funds to a person or company to cover the cost of their insurance premiums.
  • Does Solis Credit provide insurance premium financing solutions?
    YES! Solis Credit provides financing for general insurance premiums, for both individuals and companies: Individuals Motor Vehicle Insurance – Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance – Third Party Property Insurance Public Liability Insurance Companies Motor Vehicle Insurance Property Insurance Goods in Transit Bond Insurance Public Liability Insurance Workmen’s Compensation Insurance *Contact us to ask about financing for any general insurance premium not listed here.
  • How does Insurance Premium Financing work?
    Insurance Premium Financing (IPF) is a short-term loan that an individual or company takes out to pay for their insurance premium. Let your Insurance Provider, Insurance Agent, or Broker know you want to pay your Insurance Premium using Solis Credit. Your Agent will prepare the IPF Loan Agreement for your review and signature and forward it to us for approval. This agreement will include important information such as the value of your first payment, payback period, value of your monthly instalment, due date of monthly instalment and other details. Solis Credit loan approvals take 5 minutes, and your Insurance Premium is paid in full to your Insurance Provider, upon our receipt of your first payment.
  • What are the Benefits of using Solis Credit?
    Quick & instant approvals: no payslip, job letter or collateral required Affordable monthly payments You choose your monthly payment date Additional source of credit Convenient & multiple payment options Online customer portal Retained capital Competitive interest rates Save by not using credit on your credit card or any other credit facility No penalties for paying off loan early
  • What are the requirements?
    One form of valid identification. Let your Insurance Provider, Insurance Agent, or Broker know you want to pay your Insurance Premium using Solis Credit.
  • Where is Solis Credit offered/Where can I use Solis Credit?
    Solis Credit’s Insurance Premium Financing can be accessed at its Partners throughout the Caribbean. Click here for a list of the Insurance Providers, Agencies, and Brokers who offer our IPF service. If you don’t see your Insurance Provider in our listing, contact us.
  • What if my Insurance Provider does not offer Solis Credit?
    Click here to share your details. One of our Agents will contact you.
  • Can I choose my monthly repayment date to match the time of the month I get paid?
    Yes, and you can change it if your pay day changes after your loan is approved.
  • What happens if my payment is late?
    Our system is setup to automatically apply late fees to your account if no payment is received on your due date. We recommend choosing a due date carefully and take note of how many business days it takes for your payment to hit your Solis Credit account. This will be determined by the payment method you choose. Automatic text message and email reminders are also sent.
  • What happens if I miss a payment?
    One of our Collections Agents will contact you to follow up if no payment is received on your due date. Our system also sends out automatic reminders via text message and email. If payment is not received after these reminders, you face the risk of your insurance policy being cancelled.
  • What are the payment options available for loan repayments?
    Trinidad & Tobago Payment Options Yooz Online Yooz Agents Nationwide ACH Transfer Direct Deposit Over the counter at RBC or FCB St. Lucia Payment Options SurePay Penny Pinch Grenada Payment Options YOOZ Agent Mitchell's Health and WellnessPharmacy Spiceland Mall & Excel Plaza YOOZ Agent Kalico Supermarket Grenville, Sauteurs, Gouyave YOOZ Agent The Computer Store Spiceland Mall & Excel Plaza
  • Am I penalized if I pay off my loan early?
    No, you can pay off your loan at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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